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Whittlesey Catering Hire

Whittlesey catering hire is a company based in Peterborough that supply a variety of items for your catering needs. In this guide, we will look at why Whittlesey catering hire must be respected as one of the most commanding companies in the catering hire sector.

A Bit about Whittlesey

Whittlesey offer a large variety of items, on their website they offer everything from a coat hanger to a portable oven and they back this up with a wonderful catalogue of items.

Aside from the rather large variety of items, Whittlesey also offer a local delivery and collection service for a fee. Also, they offer a washing up service which is priced at a very reasonable 6p per item.

What They Offer

Whittlesey has a broad range of different products which can cater the smallest garden party, or the largest banquet. The items on offer include; china, glass, cutlery, linen, silverware, cookers/fridges and furniture.


Whittlesey offers three different types of china; Steelite Monte Carlo, Dutchess fine bone china, Piccolo vitrified hotel ware. Prices between the three vary, but start from L0.10 per item. All of these china sets are top-of-the-range and would not be out of place in a five star dining facility.


There are seven different types of glassware available at Whittlesey. Prices start from just L0.12 per item. If you order crystal ware then you need to hand wash the items, otherwise they will be damaged in a dishwasher.


There are four types of cutlery on offer. The ‘standard’ cutlery set is the least expensive with prices from L0.09 per item and the muse cutlery is the most expensive with items starting at L0.15 per item.


Table linen is available in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes with Whittlesey. There is a huge selection of 33 colours to choose from, and prices start at L0.50 per sheet for a small and basic white layout and go up to L10.50 for a large coloured piece of linen.


A fridge that holds about 90 regular sized bottles costs in the region of L50 to hire, while a 6 burner oven costs about L75. These prices are truly magnificent in comparison to other companies.

A full run down of the starting prices can be found here:

Piccolo plates, dishes, cups & saucers. From L0.10
Duchess Fine White bone china From L0.13
Steelite Ivory Monte Carlo china From L0.12
Glasses From L0.12
Savoie Glasses From L0.15
Glass punch bowls From L1.25
Standard cutlery From L0.09
Kings pattern From L0.11
Jester cutlery From L0.15
Stainless oval meat flats From L0.40
Stainless vegetable dishes From L0.30
Silver punch bowl. 17 pints From L12.50
Chairs From L1.10
Tables From L4.00
Mobile Cooker with Oven L75.00
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