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Co-Ordination Catering Hire

Based in the United Kingdom, Co-Ordination Catering Hire has everything you need for your next event or function. Whether the event is a large event of 7,500 guests, or an intimate garden party, Co-Ordination has all the necessary rental items to make the event from a good one to a great one. In this guide we will explore a bit about Co-Ordination and what prices they offer.

Co-Ordination offers cutlery, furniture, glassware’s, and china for hire. Additionally, the services of delivery and collection are available and, for a small fee, Co-Ordination will take care of the washing up as well. This is a useful service for events where there is either no proper washing up facilities, or there are just too many guests to tackle the task single-handedly. This means the host can enjoy the event without the worry of the clean up afterward.

With different colours, styles, and décor for many themes, the linens for hire from Co-Ordinates can be a lovely addition to almost any event. Helpful sales associates will work closely with the host or caterer to be sure that everything is perfect for the big day.


  • Cutlery - L 0.19 (simple cutlery) to L 3.30 (serving sets)
  • China- L 0.19 to L 0.66 (simple china) and L 0.72 to L 6.05 (service items)
  • Glassware- L 0.19 to L 0.54 (single serving) and L 1.76 to L 4.40 (decanters and jugs)
  • Linens- L 0.80 (napkins) and L 3.70 to L13.50 (varied table linens)


  • Tables- L 3.32 to L 16.50 (assorted sizes, heights, shapes)
  • Chairs- L 1.65 to L 2.75(standard) and L 5.40 to L 7.15(high chairs/bar stools)
  • Dance floors- L 4.68 to L 9.66 (by panel or half-panel)

For events that need cooking equipment and/or refrigeration units, Co-Ordinates has those areas covered as well. Prices are as follows:

Gas Cooking

  • Propane- L 25.99 to L 74.99
  • Gas Oven- L 115.50 (extra shelf= L 5.83)
  • Boiling Equipment- L 16.50 to L 27.50
  • Barbeque Grill- L 48.95 (small/single) to L 93.50 (large/double)
  • Roaster- L 209.00 (split)


  • Freezer- L 275.00 to L 300.00 (trailer) and L 77.00 (upright)
  • Refrigerator- L 235.00 to L 275.00 (trailer) and L 77.00 (upright)
  • Walk-ins- L 235.00 (fridge) and L 300.00 (freezer)

Co-Ordinates Catering Hire offers a variety of items for all events as small or large as you can imagine. Co-Ordinates have the equipment to create almost any look you can think of, and the staff at Co-Ordinates Catering Hire is knowledgeable and helpful. Your designated representative will work closely with you to help ensure the event is exactly how you envisioned it. In addition to a helpful and knowledgeable staff, Co-Ordinates Catering Hire offers a full-service website with helpful tools; like as a full downloadable price list of products. With over 30 years of industry experience, this family-owned business is the perfect choice for those looking for personal assistance, attention to detail, and quality service in the United Kingdom.

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